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To excel in the CA Foundation exams, it is crucial for students to have access to the latest and appropriate study materials. Here, you will find the updated ICAI CA Foundation Books PDF 2023, which includes comprehensive books prescribed by the ICAI to cover the entire CA Foundation syllabus.

You can easily download the chapter-wise CA Foundation study material in PDF format, available in both English and Hindi, from either the ICAI website or this page.

In addition to the study material, we will also provide a curated list of the best CA Foundation books that delve deeper into specific topics, aiding in your exam preparation.

Furthermore, ICAI has recently proposed a new scheme of education and training, encompassing changes to the CA Course levels and Articleship. Stay informed about these updates to align your studies accordingly.



Download PDF of CA Foundation Books PDF in English

In the upcoming sections, we will provide direct download links for the study material of all CA Foundation subjects and their respective topics.

Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting

The CA Foundation accounts study modules are given in the table below.

Module – 1 Initial Page
Chapter 1: Theoretical
Unit 1: Meaning and Scope of Accounting
Unit 2: Accounting Concepts, Principles And Conventions
Unit 3: Accounting Terminology – Glossary
Unit 4: Capital And Revenue Expenditures and Receipts
Unit 5: Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities
Unit 6: Accounting Policies
Unit 7: Accounting as a Measurement Discipline – Valuation Principles, Accounting Estimates
Unit 8: Accounting Standards
Unit 9: Indian Accounting Standards
Chapter 2: Accounting
Unit 1: Basic Accounting Procedures – Journal Entries
Unit 2: Ledgers
Unit 3: Trial Balance
Unit 4: Subsidiary Books
Unit 5: Cash Book
Unit 6: Rectification of Errors
Chapter 3: Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 4: Inventories Inventories
Chapter 5: Concept and Accounting
of Depreciation
Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
Chapter 6: Accounting for
Special Transactions
Unit 1: Bill Of Exchange and Promissory Notes
Unit 2: Sale of Goods on Approval or Return Basis
Unit 3: Consignment
Unit 4: Joint Ventures
Unit 5: Royalty Accounts
Unit 6: Average Due Date
Unit 7: Account Current
Module – 2 Initial Pages
Chapter 7: Preparation of Final
Accounts of Sole Proprietors
Unit 1: Final Accounts of Non-Manufacturing Entities
Unit 2: Final Accounts of Manufacturing Entities
Chapter 8: Partnership
Unit 1: Introduction to Partnership Accounts
Unit 2: Treatment of Goodwill in Partnership Accounts
Unit 3: Admission of a New Partner
Unit 4: Retirement of a Partner
Unit 5: Death of a Partner
Chapter 9: Financial Statements
of Not-for-Profit Organizations
Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
Chapter 10: Company Accounts Unit 1: Introduction to Company Accounts
Unit 2: Issue, Forfeiture, and Re-Issue of Shares
Unit 3: Issue of Debentures
Chapter 11: Basic Accounting
Basic Accounting Ratios

Paper 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

The Business laws and business correspondence and reporting study material pdf are given below:

Business Law Study Material
Initial Page
Chapter 1: The Indian
Contract Act, 1872
Unit 1: Nature of Contracts
Unit 2: Consideration
Unit 3: Other Essential Elements of a Contract
Unit 4: Performance of Contract
Unit 5: Breach of Contract and its Remedies
Unit 6: Contingent and Quasi Contracts
Chapter 2: The Sale of
Goods Act, 1930
Unit 1: Formation of the Contract of Sale
Unit 2: Conditions & Warranties
Unit 3: Transfer of Ownership and Delivery of Goods
Unit 4: Unpaid Seller
Chapter 3: The Indian
Partnership Act, 1932
Unit 1: General Nature of a Partnership
Unit 2: Relations of Partners
Unit 3: Registration and Dissolution of a Firm
Chapter 4: The Limited
Liability Partnership
The Limited Liability Partnership
Chapter 5: The Companies
Act, 2013
The Companies Act, 2013
Business Correspondence and Reporting Study Material
Initial Page
Chapter 1 Communication
Chapter 2 Sentence Types and Direct-Indirect,
Active-Passive Speech
Chapter 3 Vocabulary
Chapter 4 Comprehension Passages
Chapter 5 Note Making
Chapter 6 Introduction to Basics of Writing
Chapter 7 Precis Writing
Chapter 8 Article Writing
Chapter 9 Report Writing
Chapter 10 Part I: Formal Letters
Part II: Official Communication
Chapter 11 Writing Formal Mails
Chapter 12 Resume Writing
Chapter 13 Meetings

Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics

The Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics study material pdf are given below:

Initial Pages
Part A: Business Mathematics Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
Chapter 2: Equations and Matrices 

Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities
Chapter 4: Time Value of Money
Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 6: Sequence & Series
Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations
Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus 

Part-B: Logical Reasoning Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding and Odd Man Out
Chapter 10: Direction Tests
Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements
Chapter 12: Blood Relations
Chapter 13: Syllogism
Part-C: Statistics Chapter 14: Statistical Description of Data
Chapter 15: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion 

Chapter 16: Probability
Chapter 17: Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 18: Correlation And Regression
Chapter 19: Index Number and Time Series 


Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

The Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge study material is given below:

Business Economics Study Material
Initial Page
Chapter 1 Nature & Scope of Business Economics 

Chapter 2 Theory of Demand and Supply 

Chapter 3 Theory of Production and Cost 

Chapter 4 Meaning and Types of Markets 

Chapter 5 Business Cycles
Self-Examination Questions
Business and Commercial Knowledge Study Material
Initial Page
Chapter 1 Introduction to Business & BCK
Chapter 2 Business Environment
Chapter 3 Business Organizations
Chapter 4 Government Policies for Business Growth
Chapter 5 Organizations Facilitating Business
Chapter 6 Common Business Terminologies

Download PDF of CA Foundation Books PDF in Hindi

Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

Paper 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Section A: Business Laws

Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Part-I: Business Economics

Part-II: Business and Commercial Knowledge

Additionally, Students can also check the CA Foundation exam pattern in order to start their preparation in a smart way. This will help them in investing more time in important and high-scoring topics. Thus, it will help you in getting a good CA Foundation result.

How To Order ICAI CA Foundation Books PDF from the Official Website?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ordering CA Foundation books from the official ICAI website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of to access the CA Foundation books.

Step 2: If you have already filled out the CA Foundation registration form, click on the sign-in option at the top right corner of the page. On the next page, you will see the student course kit. Click on “Order Now.”

Step 3: You will be directed to a new page with a category filter box on the top left corner. If you have registered with the Board of Studies (BOS) and paid the registration fee, select the option “Study Material against Registration (New course).” If you haven’t registered, choose the option “Study Material for Sale (All course).”

Step 4: Select your preferred language, either Hindi or English, after clicking on the Foundation category.

Step 5: A new page will display the available books in the foundation study kit. Click on the desired books to add them to your selection.

Step 6: On the next page, you will see the list of books in your cart. Review your selection and proceed to checkout.

Step 7: If you are a registered user, you can place the order without making any payment as it is already included in the registration fee. Non-registered users need to make a payment before placing their order. During the ordering process, you will be provided with an AWB number for tracking the delivery. Your books will be delivered within 12 working days using the AWB number for tracking.

Alternatively, students can also download the PDF versions of the CA Foundation books from the official ICAI website.

Conclusion of CA Foundation Books PDF

In conclusion, the CA Foundation exams necessitate meticulous preparation and access to the appropriate study materials. Moreover, the ICAI study modules and books serve as invaluable resources, encompassing the entire syllabus and offering essential insights into exam patterns and effective answer writing techniques. Additionally, practicing with mock test papers, revision test papers, and previous year question papers can significantly enhance performance and refine time management skills. By consistently reviewing and reinforcing key concepts, students can strengthen their understanding and grasp of the subject matter.

FAQs on CA Foundation Books PDF

Ques 1: Is the CA Foundation study material available for free?

Ans. Yes, the CA Foundation study material provided by ICAI is available for free. Registered students can access and download the study material without any additional cost, as it is already included in their registration fees.

Ques 2: How can I get CA Foundation study material?

Ans. You can obtain the CA Foundation study material through online sources. It can be downloaded from the BoS (Board of Studies) portal of ICAI. Additionally, you can also order the study material from the official ICAI website.

Ques 3: Why study the ICAI CA Foundation Modules?

Ans. Studying the ICAI CA Foundation modules is beneficial as they provide comprehensive and well-structured content for exam preparation. The modules cover the exam pattern, important topics, and guidelines on how to effectively write answers.

Ques 4: Which study material is best for CA Foundation preparation?

Ans. The best study material for CA Foundation preparation is the one provided by ICAI itself. The ICAI CA Foundation study material is designed specifically to cover the entire syllabus and is considered highly reliable and accurate.

Ques 5: Does ICAI CA Foundation study material cover the complete syllabus?

Ans. Yes, the study material provided by ICAI covers the complete CA Foundation syllabus. It is recommended to focus primarily on the ICAI CA Foundation study material for comprehensive exam preparation.

Ques 6: Are CA Foundation exams easy?

Ans. Yes, CA Foundation exams are considered relatively manageable. With thorough studying of the ICAI study material, solving mock test papers, revision test papers, and previous year question papers, you can approach the exams with confidence and clear them successfully.


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