Ch 3 - Other Essential Elements of a Valid Contract

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Capacity of Parties Quiz

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Minor’s contract is __________.

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A contract for the benefit of the minor is:

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An agreement with a minor is:

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A minor is a person who has not attained the age of:

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For necessaries supplied to a minor __________.

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A minor __________.

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__________ is the most extreme form of mental un-soundness?

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A mortgage executed by minor is __________.

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A supplies B, a lunatic, with necessaries suitable to his condition in life. A is __________.

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Capacity of Parties T/F

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A minor can be a promisee in a contract.

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A person who is usually of unsound mind cannot enter into a contract even when he is of a sound mind.

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Minor can be held personally responsible for the necessaries supplied to him.

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A minor can ratify his contract after attaining majority.

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A minor can be a partner in a firm.

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A person, who is usually of unsound mind but occasionally of sound mind, can always enter into a valid contract.

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A contract to take a loan by a boy of sixteen years of age from a money lender of 50 years old is a valid contract.

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Husband and wife cannot enter into a valid contract.

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A minor can be an agent.

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A minor can be declared as an insolvent.

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Contracts with a lunatic during lucid intervals are valid.

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A promissory note duly executed in favour of a minor is void.

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A person who is usually of sound mind, but occasionally of unsound mind cannot enter into contract when he is of unsound mind.

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Free Consent Quiz

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If there is no consent the agreement is:

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If consent in not free due to coercion, undue influence, fraud, and misrepresentation then the agreement is:

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If the agreement is made by obtaining consent by doing an act forbidden by the Indian Penal Code, the agreement would be caused by:

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An agreement made under mistake of fact, by both the parties, forming the essential subject matter of the agreement is:

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Unlawfully detaining or threatening to detain any property, to the prejudice of any person making him to enter into an agreement amounts to:

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An agreement caused by unilateral mistake of fact is:

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Where a person is in a position to dominate the will of another person and uses that position to obtain on unfair advantage it is called:

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A buys an article thinking that it is worth ₹ 100 when in fact it is worth only ₹ 50. There has been no misrepresentation on the part of the seller. The contract is:

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While obtaining the consent of the promisee, keeping silence by the promisor when he has a duty to speak about the material facts, amounts to consent obtained by:

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With regard to the contractual capacity of a per-son of unsound mind, which one of the following statements is most appropriate?

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When a person, who is in dominating position, obtains the consent of the other by exercising his influence on the other, the consent is said to be obtained by:

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Lending money to a borrower, at high rate of interest, when the money market is tight renders the agreement of loan:

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“Active concealment of fact” is associated with which one of the following?

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Silence is fraud when silence is, in itself equivalent to speech. This statement is:

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If A sells, by auction to B a horse which A knows to be unsound and A says nothing to B about the horse’s unsoundness, this amounts to:

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A master asks his servant to sell his cycle to him at less than the market price. This contract can be avoided by the servant on grounds of:

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A threatens to shoot B, if B does not agree to sell his property to A at a stated price. B’s consent in this case has been obtained by ________.

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‘A’ threatened to commit suicide if his wife did not execute a sale deed in favour of this brother. The wife executed the sale deed. This transaction is:

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When both the parties to an agreement are under a mistake as to a matter of fact essential to an agreement, the agreement is:

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If both the parties to a contract believe in the existence of a subject, which infact does not exist, the agreement would be ________.

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A person is deemed to be in a position to dominate the will of another if he:

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Free Consent T/F

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A threat to commit suicide does not amount to coercion.

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A deceit which does not deceive is no fraud.

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In the absence of consent, there can be no contract.

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A contract is not voidable merely because it was caused by one of the parties to it being under a mistake as to a matter of fact.

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Mere silence as to facts likely to affect the willingness of a person to enter into contract is not fraud.

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A person who is usually of unsound mind but occasionally of sound mind can always enter into contract.

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Consent obtained by fraud makes the agreement void.

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In case of fraud, the aggrieved party loses the right to rescind the contract if he had the means of dis-covering the truth by ordinary diligence.

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If there is no damage, there is no fraud.

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Undue influence can be exercised only by a party to the contract.

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Undue influence involves use of moral pressure.

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A threat amounting to coercion must necessarily proceed from a party to the contract.

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A contract is not voidable only because there is a mistake of Indian law.

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Ignorance of foreign law is put on a same level with ignorance of fact.

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If one of the parties to a contract was under a mistake as to the matter of fact, the contract is voidable.

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A promise made without any intention of performing it amounts to fraud.

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Undue influence can be exercised only between the parties who are related to each other.

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Void Agreements Quiz

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An agreement in restraint of marriage is:

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An agreement will be unlawful if:

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An agreement in restraint of parental rights is __________.

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A void agreement is __________.

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The period of limitation for simple contract in India is __________.

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A wagering agreement in India is declared by the Contract Act as __________.

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In a wagering agreement:

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A contract of insurance is a :

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A wagering agreement is:

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An agreement in restraint of trade is:

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M, who is a dealer in mustard oil only, agrees to sell to N ‘500 litres of oil’. This agreement is __________.

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If the contract is impossible in itself physically or legally the agreement is __________.

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An agreement of service under which an employ¬ee agrees that he will serve a particular employer for a certain duration and that he will not serve anybody else during that period, is a __________.

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An agreement which restricts a person’s freedom 9 to marry or to marry any person of his choice is against public policy and is __________.

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Agreement to do an impossible act has been declared __________.

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A, while filling up the insurance application form, states his age as 25 believing it to be true. His actual age was 27. The Life Insurance Corporation issued a policy in his favour charging a lower premium than what it should have charged if the actual age had been given. This is a case of __________.

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A leaves a firm doing a particular business in Mumbai. He agrees with the other partners of the firm not to start a similar business as that of the firm in and around Mumbai for 3 years. This agreement is __________.

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P engages B to kill C and borrows ₹ 100 from D to pay B. If D is aware of the purpose of the loan, the transaction is __________.

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A promises B to pay ₹ 100 if it rains on Monday, and B promises A to pay ₹ 100 if it does not rain on Monday. This agreement is __________.

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A and B agree that A shall pay ₹ 1000 for which B shall afterwards deliver to A either rice or smuggled opium. In this case __________.

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A agrees with B to discover treasure by magic for a consideration of ₹ 500. This is __________.

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A enters into an agreement with B who has robbed A of ₹ 10,000 to drop prosecution against him (B) in consideration of B’s returning ₹ 8,000. Afterwards B refused to pay. A can get from B __________.

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A asks B to beat C, promising to compensate B against the consequences. B beats C and is fined ₹ 100. B can recover from A __________.

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B let a cabin on hire to P a prostitute, knowing that it would be used for immoral purposes. The agreement is __________.

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B, having discovered a vein of ore on the estate of A, adopts means to conceal, and does conceal, the existence of the ore from A. Owing to A’s ignorance B is enabled to buy the estate at a low price. The contract is __________.

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Rajeev entered into a contract with Lata to marry her on a fixed date. However, before the marriage date. Rajeev went mad. With reference to the Indian Contract Act which is the valid response?

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A promises B to drop a prosecution which he has instituted against B for robbery, and B promis¬es to restore the value of the things taken. The agreement is __________.

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X promises to marry Y after the death of his wife. This agreement is __________.

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X, a tailor, employed Y as his assistant under an agreement that Y, on termination of his employment shall not start the business of a tailor. This restraint is __________.

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Void Agreements T/F

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An Agreement to discover treasure by magic is valid.

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Insurance contracts are basically wagering contracts.

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A contract by which two or more persons agree to refer their disputes if any to arbitration shall be illegal.

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Wagering agreements do not cover insurance contracts.

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Lotteries authorised by the Government are not to be taken as of wagering nature.

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An Agreement to refer a future dispute to arbitration is perfectly valid.

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An illegal contract is fatal to the main contract, but not to collateral transactions.

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Transactions incidental to wagering agreements are not void.

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An agreement the meaning of which is not certain or capable of being made certain is not void.

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An agreement which extinguishes personal legal rights of the parties is void.

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Speculative transactions being wagering transactions are void.

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