CMA Foundation Void and Voidable Agreements Quizzes

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CMA Foundation Chapter 2 Unit 2 Void and Voidable Agreements, No Consideration No Contract Quiz 1

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In which of the following cases, the rule of restitution by a minor person is allowed?

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Under which of the following situations, does a contract become void?

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Which of the following is Void Contract ?

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X agrees to pay ‘Y’ Rs.5,000 if Y delivers a judgement in his favour in a suit. ‘Y’ does so but X refuses to pay any money. In this context which one of these gives the correct legal position of the agreement?

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A promised to obtain an employment to B in a public office and B promised to pay Rs.5,000. This agreement is

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Mr. Agarwal agreed to sell and deliver 2,500 jute bags from India to Mr. Huxley at Geneva knowing the fact that direct or indirect export of jute bags was prohibited by the Government of India. Consequently, the bags were not delivered at Geneva as agreed.

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A borrowed Rs.10,000 from B and start a gambling house. Later on, A refused to return the money to B.

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Doctrine of restitution can be invoked in the case of :

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In which of the following agreements, restraint of trade is valid?

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M, a seller of imitation jewellery, sells his business to N and promises, not to carry on business in imitation jewellery and real jewellery. The agreement is:

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A sum of money was agreed to be paid to the father in consideration of giving his daughter in marriage. The agreement is void on grounds of being:

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Mr. M, at the time of borrowing money agreed that, he will not leave his job, borrow money, dispose of his property, or shift his residence without the lender’s consent. In the context of the situation, which of following statements is true?

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An agreement is void if it is opposed to public policy. Which of the following does not cover this head?

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A says to B that he will give Rs.1,000 to him if it rains and if doesn’t rain B will give him Rs.1,000. Which type of contract is this?

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An agreement in restraint of legal proceedings is void. Such restraint does not cover an agreement which:

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In which of the following agreements, restraint of trade is valid?

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CMA Foundation Chapter 2 Unit 2 Void and Voidable Agreements, No Consideration No Contract Quiz 2

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Payment of remuneration to an advocate depending upon the winning of the case is

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A agrees to sell to B a horse for Rs.20,000 if it wins a race and Rs.500 if it does not. The horse wins the race.

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A contingent contract is

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P agrees to sell a certain piece of land to Q, in case he succeeds in his court case concerning that land this is an example of

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Which of these is / are wagering agreement

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A transaction collateral to a wagering agreement is

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In case of void agreements, collateral transactions are

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A and B agree that A shallsell his house to B for a sum of Rs.1 lakh provided he used it for residential purposes and would charge Rs.2 lakhs if he uses for gambling. It is further agreed between them that the consideration shall be paid after a year of registration of the house in the name of B. A executes a transfer in favour of B. After six months, B uses the “house for gambling purposes.

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Where an agreement consists of two parts one legal and other illegal, and the legal part is separable from the illegal one, such legal part is:

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If the illegal part of a contract is inseparable from legal part of the contract, the contract becomes:

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Illegal agreements are

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A contract of insurance is

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……………….. Contract is good in substance but suffers from some technical defect.

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An agreement which is enforceable by law at the option of one or more of the parties thereto, but not at the option of the other, is a :

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A tells B that he will file a case against him for theft. B tells to A that he will give the half of the market price of the theft. This offer is:

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X Ltd. the organizers of a crossword competition made a rule that (1) in matters arising in the competition, the editor’s decision shall be final and cannot be challenged in court of law (2) that at the expiration of three months from the publication of the prize list, X Ltd. shall not be liable to pay any claim unless a suit for it is then pending.

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X Promises to pay Z Rs.5,00,000 if Z can make his dead wife alive. Such an agreement is :

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