ICAI BOS Starting Sessions for CA Inter& Final

Board of Studies (Academic)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
8th September 2023
ICAI BOS Starting the Sessions from 18th September for CA. Final & Intermediate
students appearing in November 2023 Examinations
BOS (Academic) is fully committed to being your guiding light on your
path to ‘success’ in the upcoming November Final & Intermediate examinations.
Starting 18th September 2023, BoS Faculty, your ‘Gurus,’ are going to accompany you
on this journey with you in a series of virtual sessions. The sessions are designed
to provide you with invaluable support and assistance in your exam preparations,
ensuring a seamless academic experience.

Schedule & Timing



Link for the Schedule

11:00 AM






2 PM Onwards

Join the Sessions for:

• Subject-specific Insights
• In-depth knowledge sharing by BoS subject faculty
• Strategizing your study plan
• Avoiding common/repeated mistakes
• Master exam-writing techniques

Login to access the Sessions:

• ICAI BOS mobile app — Google Play store – https://cutt.ly/tmpGroW
• ICAI BOS mobile app — Apple Play store – https://apple.co/3ASDM9v
• BoS Knowledge Portal — https://boslive.icai.org/
• ICAI CA tube (YouTube) — https://www.youtube.com/c/IcaiOrgtube/


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1. What are the ICAI Starting Sessions for CA Inter & Final?

Answer: The sessions are virtual designed to support CA Intermediate and Final students appearing in November 2023 exams.

Ques 2. When do the sessions start?

Answer: The sessions begin on 18th September 2023.

Ques 3. What time do the Final sessions start?

Answer: Final sessions start at 11:00 AM onwards.

Ques 4. What time do the Intermediate sessions start?

Answer: Intermediate sessions start at 2:00 PM onwards.

Ques 5. What can I expect from these sessions?

Answer: You can expect subject-specific insights, knowledge sharing by BoS faculty, study plan strategies, and exam-writing techniques.

Ques 6. Where can I download the ICAI BOS mobile app for Android?

Answer: You can download it from the Google Play store: https://cutt.ly/tmpGroW.

Ques 7. Where can I download the ICAI BOS mobile app for Apple devices?

Answer: You can download it from the Apple Play store: https://apple.co/3ASDM9v.

Ques 8. Are these sessions free to attend?

Answer: The announcement doesn’t mention fees, so check the provided links for more details on access.

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