ICITSS Registration Process: How to Enroll in the Course

ICITSS Registration Process: How to Enroll in the Course

The Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) is a crucial component of the Chartered Accountancy (CA) curriculum, designed to equip aspiring CAs with essential IT and soft skills. If you’re planning to enroll in the ICITSS course, it’s important to understand the registration process and requirements. In this guide, we’ll provide detailed information for ICITSS aspirants on how to enroll in the course and what to expect.

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • To enroll in the ICITSS course, candidates must have cleared either Group I or both groups of the CA Intermediate Examination.
  • It is mandatory for CA Intermediate qualified candidates to complete the ICITSS course before appearing for the CA Final Examination.

2. Registration Process:

    1. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Before registering for ICITSS, ensure that you have completed the CA Foundation or CPT course and are registered for the CA Intermediate course.
    2. Visit the ICAI Website:
      • Go to the official ICAI website (www.icai.org) and navigate to the student’s tab.
    3. Login or Register:
      • If you’re already a registered user, log in using your credentials. If not, create a new account by providing the required details.
    4. Navigate to the ICITSS Section:
      • Once logged in, navigate to the ICITSS section under the student’s tab.
    5. Select the Course and Batch:
      • Choose the ICITSS course you wish to enroll in (IT or Orientation) and select the batch and center preference.
    6. Fill in the Details:
      • Fill in the required details such as your personal information, educational qualifications, and other relevant details.
    7. Upload Documents:
      • Upload scanned copies of your photograph, signature, and any other documents as required.
    8. Pay the Course Fee:
      • Pay the course fee online using the available payment options.
    9. Submit the Form:
      • After completing the form and payment, submit the form online.
    10. Confirmation Email:
      • You will receive a confirmation email from ICAI regarding your registration.
    11. Course Material:
      • Once registered, you will receive course material and other relevant information from ICAI.

3. Course Structure:

  • The ICITSS course consists of two components: Information Technology (IT) and Orientation Course on General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS).
  • The IT component covers topics such as computer fundamentals, operating systems, MS Office applications, and accounting software.
  • The GMCS component focuses on developing soft skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, and general management concepts.

4. Duration and Mode of Training:

  • The duration of the ICITSS course varies depending on the mode of training selected.
  • The IT component is typically conducted through online mode, with self-paced learning modules and online assessments.
  • The GMCS component is conducted through in-person sessions, with experienced faculty members guiding students through interactive workshops and activities.

5. Assessment and Certification:

  • Upon completion of the ICITSS course, candidates are required to pass an assessment conducted by ICAI.
  • Successful candidates receive a certificate of completion, which is a mandatory requirement for appearing in the CA Final Examination.

6. Importance of ICITSS:

  • The ICITSS course is designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills required in the accounting profession.
  • It equips candidates with essential IT skills, soft skills, and managerial capabilities, enhancing their employability and career prospects in the field of chartered accountancy.


Enrolling in the ICITSS course is a crucial step for CA Intermediate qualified candidates, as it provides them with essential IT and soft skills required to excel in the accounting profession. By understanding the registration process, course structure, and importance of ICITSS, aspirants can effectively plan their training and prepare for the challenges ahead.



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