Introduction : Observations on CA Examination

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) ensures the integrity and quality of its examination process. In line with this commitment, the Examination Department of ICAI welcomes candidates to share their feedback and Observations on CA Examination question papers of the Foundation Examinations held in June 2023. This initiative allows candidates to actively contribute to the improvement of the examination system and helps ICAI maintain its high standards.

Submitting Your Observations on CA Examination:

Candidates who wish to provide their observations can do so by sending an email to or by sending a letter via Speed Post to the address mentioned below:

The Additional Secretary (Exams)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICAI Bhawan

Indraprastha Marg

New Delhi 110 002

To ensure that your observations are considered, please include the following details in your communication: your name, registration number, roll number, email address, and mobile number. It is important to provide accurate and complete information for effective processing of your feedback.

Deadline for Submission:

The deadline for submitting feedback is set for the 5th of July 2023, allowing every candidate an opportunity to share their observations.

Importance of Your Feedback:

Your observations and feedback play a vital role in improving the examination process. By sharing your thoughts on the question papers, you contribute to enhancing the quality, fairness, and relevance of future examinations. ICAI values your input and strives to create an environment that promotes continuous improvement.

Confidentiality and Review Process:

Candidates can rest assured that ICAI treats their observations with the utmost confidentiality. The Examination Department will carefully review and consider each observation received. We will carefully assess the feedback provided by candidates to evaluate its potential impact on the examination system. We will duly address any valid concerns raised and take necessary measures accordingly.

Conclusion for Observations on CA Examination:

As a candidate of the CA Foundation Examinations held in June 2023, your feedback and observations on the question papers are valuable. ICAI encourages you to participate in this feedback process and share your thoughts on the examination papers. By doing so, you contribute to the ongoing efforts of ICAI in maintaining the highest standards of the CA profession. Together, let us work towards continuous improvement and excellence in the examination system.

Official Notice : Observations on CA Examination

Examination Department
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
25th June, 2023
Observations of the candidates on the question papers of CA examinations – June 2023
It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department, their observations, if any, on the question papers relating to Foundation Examinations being held in June 2023 by e-mail at or by way of a letter, sent by Speed Post, at the following address, so as to reach us latest by 5th July 2023.

The Additional Secretary (Exams)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002.

Please note that only those observations of students will be taken up for consideration who provide their following details i.e.; Name of the Student, Registration Number, Roll Number, email-id and Mobile Number.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1: Why should I share my observations on CA examination question papers?

Answer: Sharing observations helps improve the examination system and maintain high standards.

Ques 2: How can I share my observations?

Answer: Send an email or letter with your feedback, including your details, to the provided address.

Ques 3: What is the deadline for submitting observations?

Answer: The deadline is July 5, 2023.

Ques 4: Will my observations be kept confidential?

Answer: Yes, ICAI ensures the confidentiality of your feedback.

Ques 5: Why is sharing observations significant?

Answer: It allows candidates to actively contribute to enhancing the examination system’s quality and fairness.

Ques 6: How are observations reviewed and processed?

Answer: The Examination Department carefully reviews and considers each observation for possible implementation in future examinations.


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