XI Commerce Admission Open – ECP Gurgaon

Dear students, Excellent commerce point is going to start afresh batch for the Students of Class- XI Commerce from 1st June 2022. Admission will open from 16th May 2022 The candidate can register online on ECP’s official website,”https://ecpgurgaon.org/online-admission/

Why Join ECP?

  1. 100% Syllabus Coverage: At ECP, we ensure comprehensive coverage of the CA, CS, and CMA syllabus. Our experienced faculty members leave no stone unturned in delivering all the necessary concepts and topics to our students.
  2. Chapter-wise Test Series: To evaluate the understanding and progress of our students, we conduct chapter-wise test series. These tests help students assess their knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and gain confidence in their preparation.
  3. Extra Time for Weaker Students: We understand that each student has their own pace of learning. At ECP, we provide additional support and guidance to weaker students.
  4. Regular Corporate Guest Lectures/Seminars: To provide real-world insights and enhance practical knowledge, we organize regular guest lectures and seminars by industry experts and professionals. These sessions offer valuable perspectives and prepare students for the challenges they may face in their professional careers.
  5. Student-Friendly Environment: ECP strives to create a student-friendly environment where students feel comfortable and motivated to learn. Our faculty and staff members are approachable and supportive, fostering a positive learning atmosphere.
  6. Classes at AC Auditorium & AC Classrooms: We prioritize the comfort and convenience of our students. All our classes are conducted in air-conditioned auditoriums and classrooms, ensuring a conducive learning environment.
  7. Highest Results in CA, CS, CMA in Gurgaon: ECP takes pride in consistently achieving the highest results in CA, CS, and CMA exams in Gurgaon. Our track record of producing successful candidates speaks volumes about the quality of education and guidance we provide.

By choosing ECP, you join a reputable institute that offers comprehensive syllabus coverage, personalized support, practical exposure through guest lectures, a student-friendly environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and a proven track record of outstanding results.

Join ECP today and embark on your journey towards a successful career in the field of finance and accounting.

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