CA Intermediate 2024 Direct Entry Process: Step-by-Step Guide

CA Intermediate 2024 Direct Entry Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you planning to pursue the CA Intermediate course through direct entry in 2024? Understanding the process thoroughly is essential to ensure a smooth transition and successful enrollment. This guide provides a detailed step-by-step overview of the direct entry process for CA Intermediate 2024, helping you navigate through each stage with confidence and clarity.

The ICAI’s CA Direct Entry Scheme, introduced in August 2012, offers aspiring Chartered Accountants a streamlined pathway to join the profession without the need for the CA Foundation entrance exam. Through this route, eligible candidates, particularly those who have completed their graduation, can directly enroll in the CA Intermediate Course. The scheme provides a user-friendly process for registration, bypassing the Foundation level, and diving straight into the Intermediate stage. For CA 2024 enrollment, candidates can benefit from this simplified approach, avoiding additional tests and accelerating their entry into the Chartered Accountancy journey.

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CA Direct Entry Scheme Eligibility Criteria for 2024

Candidates aspiring to enroll in the CA Direct Entry Scheme for 2024 must meet specific eligibility criteria, ensuring a clear understanding of the qualifications required for entry.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Commerce Graduates/Postgraduates: Applicants from commerce backgrounds must have achieved a minimum grade of 55% to be eligible for the CA Direct Entry Scheme.
  2. Other Graduates/Postgraduates: Candidates from non-commerce backgrounds must attain a minimum of 60% to qualify for the scheme.
  3. Intermediate Level Examinations: Individuals who have successfully passed the Intermediate level examinations conducted by the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI) or the Indian Institute of Cost Accountants (IIC) are also eligible to apply for the CA Direct Entry Scheme.
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Provisional Registration for Final Year Students under CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024

Final-year graduates considering the CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024 can benefit from provisional registration, enabling them to kickstart their articleship training and begin their journey towards becoming Chartered Accountants. Here are the key points to note:

Provisional Registration and Articleship Training:

  • Final-year graduates can provisionally register for the Intermediate course and commence their articleship training.
  • Documentation proving graduation with the specified grades is essential for this provisional registration.

Starting Articleship Training:

  • Upon provisional registration, graduates can immediately start their articleship training.

Timeline for Proof Submission:

  • Graduates must submit proof of passing the final-year graduation test and completing ICITSS (Orientation course and Information Technology) within six months.

ICITSS Completion During Provisional Registration:

  • ICITSS can be undertaken and completed during the provisional registration period.

Consequences of Failure to Provide Proof:

  • Failure to submit proof within the specified timeframe may result in the revocation of registration.
  • No refunds or credits will be provided for theoretical information acquired during the provisional registration period.

Stay Vigilant with Deadlines:

  • It is crucial to stay vigilant with deadlines to ensure a smooth progression through the CA Direct Entry Scheme and avoid any disruptions in the registration process.
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Procedure for Graduates & Post-Graduates under CA Direct Entry Scheme

For graduates and post-graduates considering the CA Direct Entry Scheme, here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Eligibility Criteria:
  • Commerce stream graduates and post-graduates are eligible with a minimum of 55% marks.
  • Other graduates can join with a minimum of 60% marks.
2. Preliminary Requirement Before Articleship:
  • Before starting practical training (articleship), completion of the ICITSS (Orientation Program and Information Technology) course is mandatory.
3. Strategic Preparation:
  • Equip yourself for the journey by enrolling in a three-year apprenticeship program.
Key Elements to Grasp:
  • Understand the eligibility criteria to ensure you qualify for the CA Direct Entry Scheme.
  • Complete the ICITSS course to meet the preliminary requirement before starting articleship.
  • Prepare for a successful three-year apprenticeship by setting a strong foundation.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smoother transition into the CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024 and lay the groundwork for a successful career as a Chartered Accountant.

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9 Months Articleship Before CA Inter: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these straightforward steps to navigate through the 9-month articleship before the CA Inter exam under the CA Direct Entry Scheme:

1: Register for CA Inter
  • Initiate your journey by registering with ICAI for the CA Inter exam.
2: Complete ICITSS
  • Register for and successfully complete the 4-week ICITSS (Orientation Program and Information Technology).
3: Register for Articleship
  • Register for Articleship, which spans a total of 3 years, and ensure completion of 9 months before appearing for the CA Inter Exam.
4: Study Concurrently
  • Study concurrently while undergoing Articleship to prepare for the CA Inter exam.
5: Pass CA Inter Groups
  • Make an appearance and pass both groups of the CA Inter exam.
6: Register for CA Final
  • Upon clearing both groups of CA Inter, register for the CA Final exam.
7: Undertake AICITSS
  • Undergo 4 weeks of Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) during the last two years of practical training just before the CA Final Examination.
8: Appear for CA Final Exam
  • Appear for the CA Final Exam within the last six months of the Articleship.
9: Qualify CA Final
  • Qualify both groups of the CA Final exam.
10: Complete Articleship
  • Successfully complete Articleship and become a proud Member of ICAI.

Following these steps will ensure a successful journey through the CA Direct Entry Scheme, culminating in your membership with ICAI as a Chartered Accountant.

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Procedure for Intermediate Passed Students of ICSI/ICWA under CA Direct Entry Scheme

Here are the guidelines for Intermediate passed students of ICSI/ICWA who wish to pursue the CA Direct Entry Scheme:

Enrollment for CA Intermediate:
  • Candidates who have cleared the Intermediate level of ICSI or ICWA can directly enroll for the CA Intermediate level.
Uniform Registration Process:
  • The registration process remains the same for these students, eliminating any differences from the standard path.
Eight-Month Study Period:
  • After registration, students must complete an eight-month study period before attempting the CA Intermediate Exams.
CA Intermediate Exam:
  • Students can choose to take and pass either one or both categories of the CA Intermediate exam.
Articleship Training Enrollment:
  • After clearing either one or both groups of the CA Intermediate exam, students can enroll in the three-year articleship training scheme.
CA Final Exam Registration:
  • Following successful completion of CA Intermediate, students can register for the CA Final exam.
AICITS Training Integration:
  • Complete four weeks of Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITS) training during the last two years of practical training but before taking the Final Examination.
Strategic Final Exam Timing:
  • During the last six months of articleship training, students can sit for the CA Final Examination.
Completion of Articleship:
  • Successfully complete the three-year articleship training.
Qualification in CA Finals:
  • Achieve qualification in both groups of the CA Final Examination.
Membership with ICAI:
  • Become a proud member of ICAI, marking the culmination of the CA Direct Entry journey.
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How to Register with ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024

Follow these easy steps for a smooth enrollment process with the CA Direct Entry Scheme:

  1. Visit ICAI Website: Go to and click on “Self-Service Portal.”
  2. First-Time User: If you’re a first-time user, click on “First-time User (New Student). Click here.”
  3. Complete Personal Details: Fill in your personal details in the online form, ensuring accuracy based on your 10th/12th certificate. Enter salutation, name, DOB, and gender as per your 10th/12th certificate. No changes are allowed after form submission. Use your own mobile number and email for communication and OTP purposes.
  4. Check Email for Login Details: Once your account is created, check your email for login details and password.
  5. Fill Out Registration Form: Proceed to fill out the registration form online, starting with personal details.
  6. Provide Qualification Information: Provide information about your qualifications and upload the necessary documents. Ensure you upload self-attested scanned copies of your documents to avoid application rejection. Acceptable alternatives for the original mark sheet include an attested internet-downloaded statement of marks by the school principal or a practicing Chartered Accountant.
  7. Attach Proof for Final Year Students: For students in the final year of graduation, attach a proof (bonafide certificate) obtained from the University/College.
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ICAI CA Intermediate Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Registration Fees

Here is a breakdown of the registration fees for the CA Direct Entry Scheme Route:

Registration Options / Various Charges Both Groups (INR) Both Groups (US$)
Registration Fee 15,000
Student Activities Fee 2,000
Registration fee as an articled assistant 1,000
Total Fees 18,000 1,000

Note: For students opting for the CA Direct Entry Route, there’s an additional fee of Rs 200 (approximately $20) that needs to be paid. This extra amount is on top of the standard registration fees. Be sure to consider this when planning your CA Direct Entry registration.

CA Direct Entry Scheme: Practical Training Fees

To qualify for the CA finals, candidates must kick off their journey by enrolling in practical training. This includes a four-week ICITSS (Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills) and a three-year-long articleship. These steps are crucial prerequisites before gearing up for the CA final exams.

ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Practical Training Fees
Particulars  Intermediate level Finals 
Integrated course information technology Rs 6500 Rs 7000
Soft skills Rs 7000 Rs 7500
Articleship for 3 years Rs 2000

ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Final-Level Student Fees

Here is the registration fee for both groups in the CA Direct Entry Exam:

Exam Groups Registration Fee
Both Groups Rs 22,000

This fee structure outlines the cost of registering in the CA Direct Entry Scheme for both groups of the exam.

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CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Time Duration for Graduates

Here are important points regarding the time frame for the CA Direct Entry Program for Graduates:

  1. Ample Preparation Time: Candidates in the direct entry scheme have almost a year to prepare for the exam after registering.
  2. Strategic Study Periods: Students who register for the CA Direct Entry Scheme in February or September must prepare for an eight-month study period.
  3. Essential Program Completion: Before the exams, candidates need to complete both the four-week ICITSS program and the nine-month articleship training.
  4. Exam Completion Timeline: Those who register after graduation must take the first and both group’s tests after an 8-month study period.
  5. ICITSS Instruction Phase: After the study period, candidates undergo a month-long ICITSS instruction phase.
  6. Transition to Practical Training: Upon clearing both groups, students can move on to practical training.

The ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme presents a viable pathway for aspiring Chartered Accountants, particularly for those who graduate in 2024. The structured approach, implemented by ICAI since August 1, 2012, streamlines the process for graduates to pursue a CA degree. The delineated timeline, from registration and study periods to practical training and examinations, ensures a comprehensive and well-paced journey toward achieving the esteemed Chartered Accountancy qualification.

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The takeaway from the ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme is the opportunity it provides for graduates to seamlessly integrate into the CA profession. By adhering to the prescribed steps and timelines, individuals can navigate the complexities of the CA journey with clarity and purpose.

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