FAQs for the New CA Foundation Course

Ques 1. What is the new CA Foundation Course?

Answer: The new CA Foundation Course is the updated entry-level examination for individuals aspiring to become Chartered Accountants (CAs) in India. It follows the revised syllabus and educational scheme introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) effective from July 1, 2023.

Ques 2. When does the new CA Foundation Course come into effect?

Answer: The new CA Foundation Course syllabus is applicable for CA Foundation exams starting from June 2024. The December 2023 session will be the last exam held under the old scheme.

Ques 3. Where can I access the new Foundation Course syllabus?

Answer:The updated New Foundation syllabus under the new scheme is available on the official ICAI website at icai.org. Aspiring CA candidates can review the complete syllabus and its contents there.

Ques 4. What are the papers included in the new CA Foundation Course syllabus for 2024?

Answer: The new CA Foundation Course includes the following papers:

    • Paper 1: Accounting
    • Paper 2: Business Laws
    • Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude (with Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics)
    • Paper 4: Business Economics
Ques 5. What are the passing criteria for the new CA Foundation Course exams?

Answer: To pass the CA Foundation exams under the new scheme, candidates must:

      • Obtain a minimum of 40% marks in each paper.

Achieve a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of all papers.

Ques 6. Are there any changes in the examination pattern under the new scheme?

Answer: Yes, there are changes in the examination pattern. Papers 1 and 2 are objective type papers with negative marking. Papers 3 and 4 are subjective type papers.

Ques 7. How should I prepare for the Foundation exams under the new syllabus?

Answer: Effective preparation strategies include starting early, using ICAI study material, practicing with mock tests, creating a study plan, regular revision, seeking guidance, staying updated, and managing stress. It’s important to refer to recommended textbooks and resources and maintain a healthy lifestyle during your preparation.

Ques 8. Where can I find additional study resources and reference materials for the new Foundation Course?

Answer: In addition to ICAI study material, you can refer to other relevant textbooks and reference guides available in the market. These resources can provide a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Ques 9. What is the significance of the CA Foundation Course in becoming a Chartered Accountant?

Answer: The CA Foundation Course is the first step in the Chartered Accountancy journey. Clearing this exam allows candidates to proceed to the next levels of the CA program. It provides the foundational knowledge and skills required for a career as a Chartered Accountant.

Ques 10. Where can I get updates and notifications regarding the CA Foundation Course and exams?

Answer: To stay informed about the CA Foundation Course, syllabus changes, exam updates, and other important announcements, regularly visit the official ICAI website and monitor their notifications and updates.

Ques 11. Is the new CA Foundation Course applicable to all candidates, including those who were already enrolled in the previous scheme?

Answer: Yes, the new Foundation Course and syllabus are applicable to all candidates, including those who were previously enrolled in the old scheme. The transition to the new scheme is effective from July 1, 2023, for all new and existing candidates.

Ques 12. Can I use study materials from previous years for the new Foundation Course exams?

Answer: ICAI recommends using the study materials and resources provided by them for the new syllabus, even though some foundational concepts may remain consistent. The syllabus changes may introduce new topics or modifications that are important for the updated exams.

Ques 13. Are there any restrictions on the number of attempts for the CA Foundation exams?

Answer: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there were no specific limits on the number of attempts for the CA Foundation exams. However, it’s important to check the latest regulations and guidelines provided by ICAI, as policies may change over time.

Ques 14. Can I appear for the CA Foundation exams in languages other than English?

Answer: The CA Foundation exams are typically conducted in English, Hindi, and some regional languages. You can choose your preferred language for the exam while filling out the examination application form. Be sure to check the available language options for your specific session.

Ques 15. Is there any relaxation or special provision for candidates with disabilities during the CA Foundation exams?

Answer: Yes, ICAI provides certain accommodations and relaxation for candidates with disabilities. They may request special arrangements such as additional time, a scribe, or a separate room during the exams. Candidates with disabilities should refer to ICAI’s guidelines and contact the institute for specific accommodations.

Ques 16. How can I apply for the CA Foundation exams under the new syllabus for 2024?

Answer: To apply for the CA Foundation exams, you should visit the official ICAI website, create an account, and complete the examination application process online. The website provides detailed instructions and guidelines for the application procedure.

Ques 17. What is the duration of the CA Foundation exams, and how are they scheduled?

Answer: The CA Foundation exams typically span several days, with each paper having a specified duration. The exact schedule, including dates and timings, is released by ICAI and may vary for each exam session. Candidates should check the official exam schedule for their session on the ICAI website.

Ques 18. Is there any specific dress code or requirements for candidates during the CA Foundation exams?

Answer: ICAI may have guidelines regarding the dress code and conduct during exams. It’s important for candidates to review and adhere to the instructions provided by ICAI in the exam hall to ensure a smooth examination experience.

Ques 19. What are the consequences of not meeting the passing criteria for the CA Foundation exams?

Answer: Failing to meet the passing criteria for any paper or the aggregate marks requirement will result in a candidate not passing the CA Foundation exams. Candidates who do not pass may reappear for the exams in subsequent sessions.

Ques 20. Where can I find the CA Foundation exam results, and how are they communicated?

Answer: The CA Foundation exam results are typically published on the official ICAI website. Candidates can check their results by logging into their ICAI account and accessing the result portal. ICAI also sends result notifications to candidates via email and SMS.


“It’s essential for candidates to utilize the CA Foundation study material provided by ICAI as it aligns with the exam syllabus and ensures that candidates are well-prepared for the examination. Additionally, candidates can access and download this study material from ICAI‘s official website to facilitate their preparation.”


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